Small or big, your business will love our accounting help!

I am the owner of Sharp Eye Bookkeeping.  I started this business for the freedom and joy of being able to use my talents/skills to do what I love (accounting/bookkeeping). I’m very excited about helping others resolve their financial needs.

I have 17 years of Industry Accounting experience.  I have a BS Degree in Accounting from Central Christian College of Kansas.

My goals are to make your bookkeeping needs more efficient, improve financial health of your business and most important take the stress/pressure away so you can relax knowing your bookkeeping needs are in excellent hands.

Reasons to Choose Us

While there are many companies in the market that provide bookkeeping, Sharp Eye Bookkeeping’s values separates us from the rest.


Being there for our clients in every way that we can be.  From our consistent communication to the execution of our work, Sharp Eye Bookkeeping is committed to quality and honest work.


Bookkeeping is at the heart of what we do. From our advanced education to the tools we use, we are passionate about making your business or personal finances easier to manage.


From our first meeting, our goal is to collaborate to ensure your personal or business expectations are clearly understood. Using this information, we tailor a program to meet the needs of your personal or business goals.